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Coming at ya with a Slasher!

In the Autumn 2008 issue:

Port Meadow: Worts And All - Miranda Gardner
Tales From The Tea Faerie - Jim Richardson
An English Holiday to Dorset - Nathalie Marten
My Role: Tools Officer - Chris Skepper

It's Autumn, and the nights are getting chillier, so it's time to curl up with a good Weasel - enjoy!

Thank you to all the contributors for this issue...we have some really fine articles in this edition.

Discover why Miranda is concerned about worts; how to earn the life-long friendship of Jim by making the tea; why Nathalie is seeing rocks everywhere; who won when Michelle took on sheep at wrestling; and why we have Chris to thank for all those newly sharpened slashers.

Please send any comments, suggestions, and articles for our Winter Weasel to Michelle Reid at newsletter@ocv.org.uk