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We iz in yr natur reserv bashing yr scrubz

In the Spring 2009 issue:

My Role: Treasurer - Craig Waugh

We have an international feel to our Spring edition of the Weasel...

Are you thinking about where to go on your summer holidays...? The articles by Monica and Nathalie may give you some ideas for reasonably priced vacations in amazing places with a chance to do some unusual conservation. Also in this issue, Emmanuelle compares the very different attitudes to conservation in Canada with those here in Britain.

Given the current economic climate it is good to know that we haven't squandered our resources, as we managed to find the lost storm kettle bottoms, and that our money is safe in the prudent hands of Craig, our treasurer!

A big thank you to all our contributors for their great articles.

Please send any comments, suggestions, or articles to the Editor, Michelle Reid, at newsletter@ocv.org.uk