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In the Spring 2010 issue

A Shed Load Of History - Jerome Michalczyk
Meet The Committee - All of us

It is a packed issue for Spring:

Read about the amazing time that Gary, our former Task Programmer, had battling with bears, redwoods, and rapids when he spent a year volunteering with the National Park Service in the US. Have you ever tried to light a bonfire using elder only to have it smoulder and die out: Our resident pyromaniac, Chris, explains the art of the conservation bonfire. Jerome recalls the history of the OCV Toolstore before we move to pastures new. Learn about the cunning tricks of path-psychology, and why seemingly natural rocks and plants by the side of a path might have a less innocent purpose!

Finally, find out more about the current committee - Which committee member went to sixth form college with Dermot O'Leary? Which committee member likes eating Speculoos? And which committee member has featured in a music video for Frank Turner?

Phew - that should keep you all busy until Summer!

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