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In the Spring 2012 issue:

Bus Sussed - Phil Hunter
In The Hot Seat - Paul Clarke

New Year...New Minibus and New Chair...

Well, to tell the truth, we did get the new minibus and Paul as our Chair slightly before the New Year, but it fits better this way, so don't be too pedantic!

This issue tells us about many new things for OCV: Phil celebrates how we achieved the final funding for our new minibus, and John fondly remembers the OCV minibus workhorses of the past. Paul introduces himself as our new OCV Chair. Chris explains how we undertook a new project - building a bird hide screen at the Trap Grounds, and I report on a new initiative - our OCV classroom training day.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed articles for this issue - if you have any suggestions for future articles please contact the Editor, Michelle Reid, at .