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OCV: It's all habitat!

In the Summer 2009 issue

Pond Training Day - Tim Howard
My Role: Chair - Miranda Gardner
Hello Summer, Goodbye Van Officer - Jim 'Tea Faerie' Richardson

We all know OCV likes nothing better than a healthy dose of destruction, preferably involving a huge bonfire.

However, we are also a dab hand at construction projects, as shown by the articles in this edition - find out how to build the perfect boardwalk, reroute paths using revetments (plus piles of scrub and psychology), and dig out the ideal pond habitat. We even have diagrams and handouts!

So if you have a conservation construction problem, if one else can help, and if you know where to find us, maybe you can hire OCV!

Thank you to all our contributors for their excellent informative articles and diagrams. Please send any comments, suggestions, or articles to the Editor, Michelle Reid, at newsletter@ocv.org.uk