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Smile, you've just been conserved!

In the Summer 2010 issue

Minibus Fundraising Project - Michelle Reid and Nathalie Marten
Tool Storey 3D - Tim Evans
Conservation Couture - Michelle Reid

The most important news in this issue is the launch of our fundraising campaign for a new minibus - find out how you can get involved, and even make a donation on our Big Give page - all of your donations will go directly towards replacing our minibus.

The theme of this issue is novelty - we are looking for a new minibus, we have moved into a new tool store, and have invented a new tool for us to use. We are wearing new fashions...and the only thing that isn't new is Chris Skepper's love of fire!

Thank you to all our contributors for this issue, and if you have any suggestions for future articles please contact the Editor, Michelle Reid, at .