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Wherever I lay my hedge, that's my home

In the Summer 2013 issue:

Leading: You Can Do It - Alison Hopkin

Hopefully you will learn something new from this issue of The Weasel - There will be a test at the end!

Read David's superb article on the trees of Oxfordshire which takes us from the very first forests at the end of the last Ice Age up to the present day - discover that many of the trees you thought were native to Britain are in fact invasive species and why there is virtually no true wildwood forest left in England. Find out how reassuringly straightforward it is to lead a task from first-time leader Alison's account. Then test your knowledge in Chris' Conservation Quiz - Just how much can you remember from doing it at the 2012 Christmas Party? Did reading David's article help you with any of those pesky Latin species names?


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