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We wish you a Weasely Christmas

In the Winter 2008 issue:

OCV Christmas Quiz 2008 - Wally the Red-Nosed Weasel
OCV Christmas Quiz Rules - The Quiz Mistress
Letter from America - Gary Hillier
Campfire Cookery - Michelle Reid

Merry Christmas - as you are roasting your chestnuts and decking your halls, gather your family round to try our OCV Christmas Quiz! - It is easier than the traditional King Williams School Quiz and more difficult than guessing the bad punchlines to cracker jokes. There is a 10 gift voucher up for grabs for the winning score.

Also in this issue - say farewell to our fearless task programmer, Gary as he heads off to the USA; be warned, it is the time of year that Jo starts hunting you down for membership fees; and find some tasty recipes you can cook over a fire, just in case your oven breaks down over the festive period.

Thank you to all our contributors and please send any comments, suggestions, and articles for our next Weasel to Michelle Reid at newsletter@ocv.org.uk

Good luck with the Quiz and see you conserving in the New Year!