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In the Winter 2010-11 issue

In this issue we have good news - we are making progress with raising funds to replace the OCV minibus thanks to the hard work of our minibus fundraising officers, formerly Nathalie Marten, and now Phil Hunter. You can also make a contribution via our Big Give page - all of your donations will go directly towards replacing our minibus.

In the previous edition of the Weasel, Chris left us with our bonfire about to turn into a tangled elephant's nest. Like any typical second book or film in a trilogy, the drama was poised on the verge of disaster (think The Two Towers or original Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back). Now read the third and final instalment of this epic saga to find out if we can get out of the tricky elephant's nest situation.

All this and more...T-shirts in hyper-intelligent shades of blue, storm kettle smack downs, and 261 visits to Aston Rowant!

Thank you to all our contributors for this issue, and if you have any suggestions for future articles please contact the Editor, Michelle Reid, at .